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ShareGate tools make your migration to Microsoft 365 easy, simplify your SharePoint content management and administration routine, and help you manage and secure Microsoft Teams. ShareGate makes industry-leading software to help organizations think outside the computer.

Sharegate is a migration tool that simplifies and accelerates migration processes, providing the capability to migrate directly to the latest SharePoint or Office 365 version, and without any downtime.

Why choose ShareGate?

Advantages of ShareGate

ShareGate is able to run a number of migration sessions in parallel and offers two migration modes, which determines the speed at which the content is transferred. Normal mode is the standard transfer speed, while insane mode is the fastest speed available, which utilises Azure to move content faster.

It offers a large number of reports to help plan migrations, estimate effort required and minimise errors or issues.

Pre-migration reports are excellent for providing a list of identified issues and suggestions on how to resolve them prior to executing the migration.


It offers long-term use, providing the capability to perform maintenance tasks in SharePoint, such as the moving of files, and re-structuring sites inside the same environment.

Does not require server-side access to perform the migration. ShareGate can be installed on a regular PC that has connectivity and accessibility to the migration source and destination locations. This is an advantage particularly when organisations have internal IT policies in place that prevent installation of third party tools on servers.

Migrate SharePoint lists, libraries, site columns, content types, users and groups, permission levels.

Audit trail: Keep track of success, errors and warnings that occurred during the migration process. Log files are preserved at all times and are accessible from the main menu.

Preserve List and Library dependencies: Choose whether Site Columns and Content Types should be created in the same site or a parent site during the copy of lists and libraries.

Include content: Migrate lists and libraries including their content with a simple Drag and Drop SharePoint migration.

Preserve settings in lists and libraries, workflows, reusable and site workflows, list and library views, list and library permissions.

The ShareGate difference

ShareGate has been making life easier for SharePoint professionals worldwide for nearly a decade, and it keeps getting better. Our secret? We keep it simple.

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Unlimited data

Move your content around until it’s exactly how you want it. We’ll never meter your migrations.


Reliable Secure

Our number-one priority: getting your content to its destination in one piece. Migrate with total peace of mind, then get back to business as usual.

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Fun to use

ShareGate UI isn’t just simple and intuitive—it’s actually pleasant to use.

Save time & automate your tasks

Focus on what’s really important: creating a great Microsoft 365 experience for your users. ShareGate software does all the heavy lifting and gives you better visibility into your organization’s SharePoint and Microsoft Teams environments.


Migrate to Microsoft 365 or SharePoint Server: Move exactly what you want, right where you need it, with ShareGate Desktop’s best-in-class migration tool. Migrate to SharePoint or Microsoft 365 from files shares, SharePoint Server,, or Google Drive—or migrate from one Microsoft 365 tenant to another after a merger or acquisition. And migrate Microsoft Teams data within the same tenant or from one tenant to another.


Save time managing SharePoint and Teams content: Effortlessly reorganize and restructure your SharePoint and Microsoft Teams content with ShareGate Desktop’s easy-to-use content management tool. Save time on SharePoint administrative tasks by bulk-managing permissions, metadata, and file structure via a single unified interface—and ensure data security with built-in and custom reporting. And move channels between teams to match how your users collaborate.


Manage Microsoft teams across the entire lifecycle: Manage your teams from creation to sunset with ShareGate Apricot‘s management software for Microsoft Teams. Collaborate with owners to understand each team’s purpose and level of sensitivity—without the need for provisioning forms, Azure AD Premium, or PowerShell. And automate manual tasks involved in identifying problem areas, like inactive or orphaned teams, so you can clean up the clutter and stay in control.


Secure Microsoft Teams with automated governance: Make sure the right users have access to the right things with ShareGate Apricot’s security and compliance features for Microsoft Teams. Protect your organization’s sensitive data without hindering end user productivity. Easily put governance policies in place to control privacy status, external sharing settings, and guest access permissions to right-size the level of security for the needs of each team.

Choose where you want to start

Share Gate


Move to Microsoft 365 or SharePoint Server

Prepare your migration and move to Microsoft 365 or SharePoint On-Prem—and move, manage, and secure your SharePoint and Microsoft Teams content.

Best-in-class migration tool for all versions of SharePoint and Microsoft Teams

Effortlessly reorganize and restructure your SharePoint and Microsoft Teams content

Share Gate


Keep Teams on track with automated governance

Guide users towards secure and productive collaboration in Microsoft Teams while keeping a close eye on what’s going on—so you can easily course-correct as you scale.

Get the visibility you need to keep Teams on track

Ensure external users have access to the right things